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Currently, the Agency has three departments. These are Finance and Administration, Enforcement and Legal Services, and Research and Awareness. The Office of the Executive Director links these departments to the Board of Directors.

Eexcutive Director Office

The Office of the Executive Director is responsible for the overall operations and performance of the Agency. It ensures that the relevant sections, divisions and departments are facilitated adequately in terms of financial, human resources and physical assets.

Corporate Services

The Corporate Services Department supports the operations of other departments of the Agency. It ensures effective administration, prudent financial management, servicing of activities through financing, human resource development, IT services provision and other logistical support. It has two divisions: Finance and Administration. The department has the following sections; Human Resources and Administration, ICT, Accounts and Procurement sections.

The Agency has developed various Policies to guide its operation.

Enforcement and Legal Services

This department is responsible for enforcing the provisions of the Act as well as the Anti-Counterfeit Regulations, 2010. The department has inspectors with Police powers to inspect, impound, arrest and prosecute offenders of counterfeiting. The department also utilizes external inspectors from other government agencies who have been given the mandate to enforce the Anti-Counterfeit Act. The department has two divisions: a) Enforcement and b) Legal Services.

Research, Policy and Quality Assurance 

The core functions of the Research, Policy and Quality Assurance Department are to enlighten and inform the public on matters relating to counterfeiting, devise and promote training programs on combating counterfeiting, and carry out research on counterfeit issues. The department has two divisions, namely a) Research and b) Awareness.


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